is now! The system for adaptive office spaces.
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BOW adaptive office spaces

We provide a complete space-in-space system consisting of modular elements. This allows you to create a permanently adaptable work environment to fit the needs of your office or business space. Flexible, plug-and-play spaces to call, work and meet.

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At BOW, we are committed to creating the work environment of the future, where adaptability is the standard. We have developed a system that allows you to fully customize the layout of your office space, whether you choose a cubicle, meeting unit or a larger configuration.

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Circular product, eliminate waste

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About BOW

Creating work environments together

Worldwide, we collaborate with leading architects and office designers to find the ideal solution to your spatial challenge. We always think in terms of creative freedom and maximum adaptability.

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Permanently adaptable

We strive for a world where traditional office subdivisions are replaced by sustainable and flexible systems. Our system grows effortlessly with you as your needs change. Whether you want a customized configuration or choose one of our basic configurations, your space-in-space solution will always meet the following characteristics: excellent acoustics, comfortable climate, easy to (de)assemble, and above all, a pleasant working environment.

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Endless (re)configuration

BOW Two configuration


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